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What does your rug say about you?

For many people, their home is a reflection of their personality. Whether it's in their choice of wallpaper or their style of window dressing – everyone likes to put their own stamp on their home and that’s particularly true when it comes to choosing a rug. So what design should you choose to match your personality?

Choose animal prints if you consider yourself a world traveller. Tiger or zebra prints are particularly bold and eye-catching and are for home-makers who are keen to make a statement.

If you prefer a floral design you love the great outdoors. You’d rather be outside than inside and your interior design will always look to bring the outside – in.

If you’re a hopeless romantic then a shaggy, long-pile rug is one way to create a cosy atmosphere in your home. You’d love to wrap yourself in one of these rugs – better still they are ideal for two!

If your rug is dramatic and daring you see yourself as being a bit crazy too. You’ll do anything to avoid being seen as ‘run of the mill’ and the bolder the rug design the more you’re telling the world how you like to stand out