How to choose a striped rug

FrithRugs offer numerous striped rugs across our collections – Ella Claire Stripes, Ella Claire Indian, Infinity and Indian Kelims to name but a few.

Stripes are a timeless and classic design and depending on the rug you choose they can add a splash of colour to a minimalist room or pull an interior design scheme together. Stripes can be vertical or horizontal, thick or thin, bold or neutral – and there are some tricks to making sure you choose the right striped rug for your space.  


100% Wool Multi Ella Claire Vibrance Indian Rug Handmade in India with a 18mm pile

For drama queens (and kings)

If you love colour, what better way to introduce it than with a colourful striped rug. For a dramatic addition to a room, opt for the brightest, boldest stripe you can find. This striped rug from our Vibrance collection can either take centre stage – or, as we have shown in the example here, you can make it part of a very dramatic and colourful scheme. 

TIP: Use colours that complement each other not clash. Consult colourwheel to ensure you avoid a design mistake.


For the laid back 

If you prefer your home to be more tranquil then you can be subtle in your use of stripes. Check out our Ella Claire Stripes collection, which as well as being exclusive to FrithRugs, offer the classic design but in a much more under-stated way. These shades of grey, cream and brown will add interest to a more neutral space and can often pull the interior design scheme together.

TIP: Pick out one or two colours in the stripes and match other soft furnishings such as cushions or throws.

100% Wool Ella Claire Stripes Handknotted in India with a 15mm pile


Make the most of your space

If you want to make a narrow room look wider than it is, horizontal stripes are best and wide stripes will really liven up the space. So, avoid long vertical stripes in the hallway and see how fatter stripes make a difference. Vertical stripes close to the entrance of a room can make your room feel longer

TIP: If you have a piece of furniture you really love such as a chair or coffee table, pop a striped rug underneath and you will create a focal point.

100% Wool Multi Indian Infinity rug design Handknotted in India with a 10mm pile

90% Wool / 10% Viscose Multi Ella Claire Indian Rug Design Handmade in India with a 18mm pile

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