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Rugs for a Mid-Century modern living room

The mid-century was a versatile era where independent lifestyles, psychedelic substances, and alternative artistic movements coexisted in the same age as conservative attitudes, booming industrialism, and a minimalist approach to style.

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How to Style Patterned Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs can be a great way to uplift your garden or patio area, especially when you have the right design strategies and a keen eye for fashioning them.

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How to Choose a Rug for a Maximalist Design

Maximalism celebrates intricacy and embraces excess,textures, vibrant pattern play, and large doses of bold colours injected into a space with mixed items, sizes, frames, and accessories arranged to give a personal touch.

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Earthy Neutral Rugs for a Tranquil Living Room

Earthy Neutral rugs complement any colour scheme and go well with contemporary and traditional furniture. They add calming tranquillity in a chaotic space.

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The Best Boho Rugs for Eclectic Homes

Boho home décor is a trendy and popular interior design style due to its laid-back attitude, eccentric character, artistic expression, and casual charm.

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Our Pick of Modern Living Room Rugs

A modern rug should be the ideal blend of style and functionality, so when picking out your perfect rug, remember to keep colour, pattern, and shape in mind.

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How to Choose a Woven Wool Rug: Hand-woven Machine-woven?

When searching for the perfect rug for your home,you will want to consider whether you want a beautiful machine woven or hand-woven rug.

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How to Pick Luxury Rugs for Living Room Interiors

When it comes to a rug that can enhance the look of your living room, nothing beats the soft
and effortless style of a luxury rug.

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A Guide to Middle Eastern Rugs

Middle Eastern rugs possess a rich wealth of history, as vivid and detailed as their designs.

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How to Choose a Traditional Rug

Whatever your preference, there’s a traditional rug to suit every home décor

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How to Style a Neutral Shag Rug

A neutral shag rug could add some much-needed balance to your home

Netflix Bridgerton set design Regency London English bedroom pink

The Bridgerton Look

The runaway success of Netflix's Bridgerton has catapulted Regency Interior style to the mainstream once again, find out all about it in our one-stop guide

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