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Have you ever found yourself shopping to find that perfect accessory - one that absolutely complements a particular shade on the wall or matches your expensive curtains perfectly? And because you can't quite find what you want, you settle for second best or, you don't buy anything at all.

custom rug 5


 Here at FrithRugs we have thousands or rugs to choose from but sometimes, even our customers can’t find that ideal accessory.  In which case, we work with them to design the rug they want – the right colour, the right size and we can even create a bespoke design created just for them.  


Fancy having your family name on a hall runner?  Would you like your initials on a rug in the bedroom? Can’t find the right shade to match your wallpaper? Or perhaps you just want a rug that nobody else has – whatever your design dilemma, thanks to our unique relationship with manufacturers and producers at home and abroad whatever you want from your rug – you can have it.

 custom rug 2

We offer a comprehensive collection of rugs but even so, you may want to tweak one of them a little.  Make the rug, bigger, smaller or a different shape.  Add a fringe or remove a fringe, or perhaps keep the design but amend the colour. 


Whatever your preference it’s likely we can ensure the rug you want is the rug you get. Talk to us about our FrithRugs design service and never settle for second best again. 

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