Best rug for a nursery

Planning how to dress your child’s nursery can be great fun, especially if you are creative. What better excuse than this to let your imagination run wild and reconnect with your own inner child?


While you may be able to recreate a scene from Disney on the wall, flooring has to be more practical.  Hard floors are great for practicality but could be too cold, a well-chosen rug will add softness and warmth.  If you prefer a carpeted floor for softness, remember it could easily get stained, a trusty rug will protect the carpet and add interest.


Nevertheless, it’s important to find a material for the rug that is both soft and easy to clean – babies, toddlers and young children are prone to all kids of accidents. We advise using a 100% wool rug, as well as being naturally hypoallergenic and a sustainable resource, wool has natural water repellant properties which makes it easier to get rid of any liquid stains.


Pattern is also a great way to disguise any spills or marks and bold prints work well and are the perfect choice to add a playful tone to the room. 


And you don’t have to confine yourself to one rug. If you have a large space you can use different rugs to zone it.  For example, one rug in the play area, another in the nursing to sleep area or quiet time area. 


FrithRugs has a great choice of rugs specifically designed for children. Made from 100% wool and available in a range of colours and designs, the rugs are an affordable £79 and are available for next day delivery.

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