Earthy Neutral Rugs for a Tranquil Living Room

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Earthy Neutral Rugs for a Tranquil Living Room

Are you craving some calming tranquillity in a chaotic space? Perhaps you’re longing for some neutral rugs to tone down a bold statement wall or warm up some bare wood floors? Whatever your reason, earthy neutral rugs complement any colour scheme and go well with contemporary and traditional furniture.

Here is a guide on how to style neutral, soft, pastel, earthy-toned rugs with your existing living room décor to create a sense of tranquillity in your living room.

All-Natural Neutral Rug

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Neutral rugs come in all shapes in sizes, but not all of them can claim to be made from 100% natural materials. Handwoven in Afghanistan with delicate precision, this earthy neutral Afghan Veg Dye Rug is knotted with authentic sheep’s wool and coloured with various vegetable dyes. 

Its muted colours are easy on the eyes and create an instantly relaxing and calming vibe. With a subtle pattern that blends seamlessly into the material, this versatile rug would fit well with both neutral and vivid colour schemes. 

Plaited to perfection

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If you're looking for texture in a neutral rug, this woolly plaited rug is the one. Wool is a natural fibre that adds earthy tones to your home and can withstand high foot traffic and heavy furniture. Featuring handwoven plaits, you’ll find peace in the soft, bumpy fibres as they hug the contours of your feet.

This rug would look great with smooth flooring that craves depth, paired with some minimalist, industrial-style furniture and soft furnishings.

Turn over a new leaf 

Picture 28

Be whisked away to a tropical paradise with this eye-catching leaf Indian Rug Design, which adds peaceful energy to any space. With its stylish neutral beige and green tones and exotic shapes, you’ll instantly feel relaxed in your tranquil living space. With the soft plush pile, you can sink your feet into its plush fibres and feel your worries drift away like trees swaying in a summer breeze. 


This rug will go well with brown wooden furniture to enhance your living room's earthy, natural tones. Match your rug pattern with plenty of wild plants and succulents to give your space the organic makeover! 

Embrace your inner animal print

Picture 8

If you want an earthy neutral rug with a bit of edge, you can’t go wrong with this neutral-toned, printed Royal Keshan Woven Rug. The bold animal print design contrasts vividly against the rug's neutral pastel tones, giving the room a free-spirited vibe that connects with nature on a wilder level.

As a trendy and exotic pattern, animal prints are a natural fit for colourful, boho interiors, so be sure to pair your rug with other eclectic features.

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