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The temperature outside is dropping, the evenings are closing in and we're swapping out warm evenings and cold white wines for warm nights in with Netflix, chocolate and catch-ups, but when it comes to bunking down this autumn, nothing says cosy quite like a quick interiors overhaul inspired by our favourite Netflix shows for a truly binge worthy look.

This season, we're pressing pause on reality and going behind the scenes of our three all time favourite shows for a little look- spiration! Think the edginess of Peaky Blinders, the opulence of the Crown and the kitsch fun of Stranger Things and get ready to hit play!

By order of
the Peaky Blinders

First up, we're pressing repeat on this brilliant slice of Brummie inspiration. There aren't many of us who've been spared from the Birmingham tones and dark, murky undercurrents of Tommy Shelby's world, but for those of you not in the know, think post-war Britain meets the roaring 20s meets backstreet brutality, all topped off with piercing gazes and flat-capped protagonists that we've all been guilty of daydreaming about...

Set in an era of post war wilderness, the men are wild, the scenes are dark and the undertone is edgy but it's the set design that's the real winner in our eyes- after all, when industrial sturdiness meets art deco decadence meets classic British elegance, what's not to like, right?

Peaky Blinders Style

That Peaky Blinders look in a nutshell

The show, set during the post war wastelands of Birmingham comes drenched in dark, atmospheric lighting, opulent furs, rich leathers and deep mahoganies, all the while clashed against a more industrial look and feel, but how to bring this 100 year old look into the modern day home?
In the words of Tommy Shelby: 'Good taste is for people who can't afford sapphires', so, no matter how little (or large) your interiors overhaul budget may be, a little Peaky Blinders in your home is more than doable, just read on!

Peaky Blinder MB 1

Our order to get decorating

When it comes to bringing the visual world of the stylish Shelbys (and company) into your home, the key to keep it looking more 'style' and less 'stage' is to incorporate a fresh, opulent, elegant twist throughout. Think less 'blinding', more 'peak' features and start by adding subtle but statement pieces like a rich, opulent rug, some striking soft furnishings or some standout key accessories.
For this look, think layers, textures, cool, moody colours perfectly offset with bold, bright pops of colour relief and a steady feed through of art deco luxe too.
Walls are dark and atmospheric in greys, greens and cool blues or navies, textures are warming velvets, wools and faux furs, wall fixtures and lights are opulent but modern in golds and glass, furniture is buttoned, cushioned and bright in pinks and turquoise to add some areas of modern interest and dark corners are lifted with splashes of botanicals from plants and floral furnishings, then offset this all with a large, ornate but simple woollen rug to tie everything together in perfect, peaky style!

So, now that you've got the scene-stealing 'stylish set' scoop, it's time to put your flat thinking cap on, sharpen those interior design skills and get to decorating your home like a true 20's Brummie!

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By appointment
of Her Majesty

Next stop on our Netflix binge, it's the glorious, glittering gem in everyone's tiara, The Crown.

For those of you who've skipped out on this sparkling slice of royally good fun, here's a regal recap. The series opens in 1947, post WW2 where the landscape is grey, fragmented and the country is only just beginning to pick itself up and put itself back together, one frayed piece at a time. At the helm of all this sits a young Queen Elizabeth, only just married and now attempting to find her feet as the glittering voice of her people.

Billed as one of the most expensive TV shows ever made, come along expecting luxury, glitz and glamour and you won't be disappointed. So, with that said, we're going to take a royal escorted journey into the rarely seen world of the regal set, who's coming along?

windsor main

Crowning your home in style

The Crown, as its name would suggest, is as rich, beautiful and rare as only the finest of gems. From its grand opening scene, expect your senses to be engulfed in a sea of gold embellishment, thick, intricately designed rugs, deep, bee waxed woods, thick cut glass, soft satins and chandeliers so heavy, they appear almost swollen with glass.
Whilst we can all dream of quite literally living like a queen, how achievable is this look really? Fear not subjects because we've taken only the finest elements of the shows set design and are bringing a little royal luxe into the everyday home. Think more bang for your buck, less Buckingham Palace.


Keep calm and start decorating

In order for this style to work outside of the palace walls, we've captured the most decadent details of the Queen's world and have given them a fresh modern twist, thereby creating a fresh, luxurious space that's perfectly regal and is certainly fit for a Queen.
Forget the heavily wallpapered corridors, the tightly upholstered chairs, the deep, dark woods and the large, ornate vases and instead, think more modern princess, with a slightly shabby but always chic vibe.
For this look, we've given chandeliers a modern twist with matte gold and more sparse, glass beading. Walls are pale blues, light greens, fresh whites and clean greys to perfect offset the heavier, more traditional accents. Mirrors are luxe but with a slightly distressed vintage vibe. Soft furnishings come in warmer block colours, cosy velvets and thick wools for a warm, welcoming feel. Fresh flowers, particularly roses add a clean, modern feel to things and coving, cornice and ceiling roses are the perfect nod to palace perfection. Tie everything together with one of our large, ornate rugs with a pile height fit for a queen and your look is cordially complete. Maybe just keep the Corgis off the new rug...

Now that your home is kitted out and fit for a royal worthy sleep, we recommend raising a glass of something vintage to this masterfully made home interior. Here here!

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Stranger Things
are happening...

Now for the final stop on our Netflix journey. We're kicking it right back to the 80s and to some Stranger Things! For those of you less strange things in need of a throwback recap, here's what you've missed so far. Set in the seemingly unremarkable fictional town of Hawkins in 1980's suburban Indiana, the story centers on a parallel supernatural world and the tension that nips in the background, always threatening to overthrow our characters childhood innocence at every twist and turn.

From the barren landscapes of Indiana to the long dark, brooding nights, the retro soundtrack and scrunchie laden, neon-clad attire of our central characters, the 80s might not be your first port of call for interiors inspiration, but trust us on this, Stranger Things have happened! British elegance, what's not to like, right?

strange main

Giving your home the upside-down treatment

Stranger Things has a unique look and feel that gives us a strange combination of nostalgia mixed with a dark, supernatural edginess. From the seemingly bland landscapes of Hawkins to the dark, almost edging on dingy interiors of our central characters homes, in the case of pulling inspiration from the show, we're all about extracting the best bits of the 80s. For this look we're looking all around the show for inspiration, from the brash neon opening credits to the multicoloured string lights of the Byers' home and even the bold, primary tones of the school bathrooms, there's inspiration around every corner, are you ready to dive into the 80s?

StangerThings MB

Here's a new give your home the Stranger Things treatment!

Now that we've all been thrown back into a smorgasbord of New Wave, primary palettes, lurex and cassette tapes, it's time to turn our minds to interiors.
For this look, we're thinking less 'grungy government goings on' and more 'best of the 80s', with a modern twist.
From bold, bright primaries to cool clashing neons, geometric graphics and cutout wall decals to unique, funky lighting and fresh botanicals, the 80s don't always have to spell legwarmers and acid washes, we're turning things 'upside-down' to bring the brightest decade of them all into our homes with a fun, modern twist!
For this look, more is more and fun reigns supreme so keep walls bold and beautiful with block, clashing colours like blues, reds, yellows and purples.
Keep the 80s at the heart and soul of your look with a fun, Memphis Design inspired wall sticker or featured wallpaper and bring a little neon into proceedings with a fun, fluorescent wall fixture- think flamingos and palm tree vibes for that ultimate eye-catching look. Add interest on a smaller scale with big, brash geometric patterned furnishings in contrasting colours and give the classic honey oak finish of retro kitchens a fresh update with pops of primary and a more matte look and feel, then simply finish the whole look off with a splash of rainbow vibes using one of our rugs.

Now that you've successfully embraced all things 80s, all that's left to do is throw on your scrunchie, press play on your mixtape and enjoy a little redecorating, Hawkins style!

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