We love wool!

Thousands of years ago it is believed that Persian nomads used wool to create rugs. It’s safe to say that since then wool rugs have always been in fashion and can be found in the best dressed homes around the world.

FrithRugs offers 100% wool rugs across its modern, traditional and neutral collections. Whatever your personal style you won’t go wrong when choosing this diverse, natural material which is perfect for every room in the house.





10 Benefits of buying a 100% wool rug:

  • It’s a natural insulator and so will help keep your room and your toes warm.
  • It will also help absorb sound too.
  • As a natural fibre wool is a great choice if any member of your household suffers from allergies.
  • And if you are passionate about sustainability, it is of course a totally sustainable fibre. 
  • Wool rugs can also be recycled.
  • Your wool rug will look great for years. The colours are locked into the fibres of your rug and so it will retain its style for a long time, although you should keep it away from direct sunlight. Thanks to its springy fibres, a wool rug will also retain its natural shape. This makes it a great choice for busy areas (providing of course you choose the right colour!)
  • As wool contains natural oils it does help repel some spills. We recommend using a suction only vacuum cleaner once a week.
  • Take care of any spillages right away and blot (never rub) with a cloth or tissue and then apply cold water in order to dilute whatever it is that you have spilt. 
  • It is naturally resistant to fire
  • It’s wool week! You don’t need any more reasons for buying a wool rug.
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