Got a large, empty space that looks a little, well, empty? It's nothing that one of our extra large rugs and oversized rugs won't fill! Here at Frith, we're firm believers in thinking big and our rug size is no exception. From the extra large to the plain oversized - our rugs are perfect for grand spaces, big homes and large bedrooms - plus lots more too. No matter what style, size or material, we're got an oversized, extra large rug just waiting for you! 

Show Rugs Per Page 36 - 72
AKU029000 385X303
AKU029FIN 396 X 295
AGM030000 4.15 x 3.06
ANO030000 423x298. r
ANO030000 438x296sa r
AVE029C74 405x301 r
AVE030053 410x298
AVE030054 434x305
AVE030MUL 425 X 310 BOD
7830643522 4d1b401115 o332 copy
AVE030C54 417 X 306
AVE030C73 415 X 312
7830643522 4d1b401115 o223
AVE031095 499 X 297jpg
47145486521 fc365f05ab o copy
32203750067 4f3f923cba o copy
30951038696 0af278987b o23 copy
47145486521 fc365f05ab o14 copy
40180721563 1f3970ca9c o13 copy
47145486521 fc365f05ab o26 copy
32203750067 4f3f923cba o 11copy
30951038696 0af278987b o12 copy2
30951038696 0af278987b o9 copy
47145486521 fc365f05ab o6 copy
47145486521 fc365f05ab o17 copy
32203750067 4f3f923cba o16 copy
30951038696 0af278987b o15 copy
30951038696 0af278987b o18 copy
7831121360 3eb5a0d6fd o27 copy
47145724861 4580f06d0e o28
47145486521 fc365f05ab 22
32203750067 4f3f923cba o333 copy
47093275252 ab2aaac230 o29 copy
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