Got a large, empty space that looks a little, well, empty? It's nothing that one of our extra large rugs and oversized rugs won't fill! Here at Frith, we're firm believers in thinking big and our rug size is no exception. From the extra large to the plain oversized - our rugs are perfect for grand spaces, big homes and large bedrooms - plus lots more too. No matter what style, size or material, we're got an oversized, extra large rug just waiting for you! 

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7830643522 4d1b401115 o229 copy
40180721563 1f3970ca9c o557 copy
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7830643522 4d1b401115 o169 copy
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100% Wool Rust Turkish Indigo Rug TIN033000 458x399 Handknotted in Turkey with a 15mm pile
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7830643522 4d1b401115 o224 copy
AVE035084 544x369 r
AVE035053 534x368 r
AVE035074 535x371 r
AVE035098 530x362
100% Wool Rose Chinese Premier Superwashed Rug PSW035105 549x366 Handknotted in China with a 25mm pile
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7831123238 b38d03ef60 o656 copy
47093275252 ab2aaac230 o485
40180721563 1f3970ca9c o669copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o123 copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o1663 copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o1998 copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o1555 copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o1897 copy
40180721563 1f3970ca9c o996 copy
47093275252 ab2aaac230 o656 copy
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