Got a large, empty space that looks a little, well, empty? It's nothing that one of our extra large rugs and oversized rugs won't fill! Here at Frith, we're firm believers in thinking big and our rug size is no exception. From the extra large to the plain oversized - our rugs are perfect for grand spaces, big homes and large bedrooms - plus lots more too. No matter what style, size or material, we're got an oversized, extra large rug just waiting for you! 

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30951038696 0af278987b o34 copy
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30951038696 0af278987b o47 copy
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7831126978 32ba252cea o55
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47145486521 fc365f05ab o556
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32203750067 4f3f923cba o89 copy
7831152430 9518f5cec7 o91 copy
7831126978 32ba252cea o90 copy
47093659342 8d0229905f o101
7831126978 32ba252cea o copy
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47145724861 4580f06d0e o103 copy
47145724861 4580f06d0e o154
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47093659342 8d0229905f o165
7831126978 32ba252cea o120
30951038696 0af278987b o170
30684622390 fa541babc4 o155
30684622390 fa541babc4 o156
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