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AKA028CHE 369x275a
AKA028CHE 373x273a
AKA045CHE 277x86a
100% Wool Cream Afghan Kaynak Rug AKA045F44 2.82 x .74 Handknotted in Afghanistan with a 5mm pile
AKA047CHE 287x83a
AKA047CHE 289x83a
AKA047CHE 291x83a
AKA047CHE 292x80a
AKA047CHE 294x84a
AKA047CHE 294x85a
AKA047CHE 300x83a
AKA047CHE 312x82a
Afghan Kaynak Rug AKA047F52 290x82
AKA050CHE 434x86a
AKA050CHE 473x80a
AKA053CHE 442x125a
AKA053CHE 442x128a
AKA054CHE 586x158a
Afghan Kaynak Rug AKA073F52 193x190
AKA085CHE 149x149a
AKA085CHE 156x152a
AKA087CHE 183x183a
AKA088CHE 238x230a
AKA089CHE 251x184a
AKA089F52 235x185a
AKU005000 103x54
AKU005000 104x55
Afghan Kundoz Rug AKU014CHEb 145x101handknotted 5mm
Afghan Kundoz Rug AKU014CHE 145x104 Handknotted 5mm
Afghan Kundoz Rug AKU014CHE 147x102 handknotted 5mm
aku014che 147x102 rugsnkcifdlrz8 1
 Afghan Kundoz Rug AKU014CHE 148x102 handknotted 5mm
Afghan Kundoz Rug AKU014CHE 151x101 handknotted 5mm
100% Wool Rust Afghan Kundoz Rug AKU014FIN 1.36 x 1.01 Handknotted in Afghanistan with a 8mm pile
AKU018000 188x128a
AKU018000 195x122a
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