Indian Kelims are perfect if you want a BoHo home

It’s the heart of the summer holidays and so what better time to introduce something a little more relaxed and Bohemian to your home. Bohemian traditionally referred to ‘a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts,’ however, today, Bohemian, or BoHo is often used to describe a colourful and cosy interior design scheme.

If you love BoHo the usual rules around interior design go out of the window. Forget colour coordinating, forget beige, forget the colour wheel – we are talking about an explosion of colour across your soft furnishings and accessories.

Your sofa and chairs should be loaded up with throws, rugs and cushions and don’t be afraid of overlaying one thing across another. Colours don’t have to complement each other, however, BoHo does mean bright colours – so red, green blue, orange and yellow should dominate.  Disregard the idea that design and pattern should match, your bohemian home can have as many different patterns as you want – we are talking about a blast of colour and design. 


On the floor don’t be afraid to layer one rug over another – or even use two separate designs. We think our Indian Kelims are the perfect bohemian accessory. Available in a variety of multi-coloured designs, the rugs are handmade in India from 100% wool and are available in a variety of sizes and prices to suit every style and budget. 

Interior designers tell us to avoid clutter but this is BoHo, so have as much clutter as you want. Load your surfaces with plants, pots, dishes, candles, magazines, photographs, clocks – you want it - you have it.  Once your boho room is complete, get your music on and have yourself your very own summer festival.

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