How to Choose a Rug for a Maximalist Design

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How to Choose a Rug for a Maximalist Design

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Whoever said less is more has never seen maximalist décor! While minimalism is characterised by simplicity and removing the unnecessary, maximalism celebrates intricacy and embraces excess. Imagine layers of textures, vibrant pattern play, and large doses of bold colours injected into a space with mixed items, sizes, frames, and accessories arranged to give a personal touch.

Despite popular belief, maximalist interior design isn't about throwing every decor piece you find into a room and hoping it works. When selecting a rug for a maximalist space, it doesn’t need to match perfectly with your décor, but it shouldn’t be completely random. Let’s look at some examples of maximalist style rugs and how you can arrange them in your own home.

Loads of Layers

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While minimalism might have you rolling up the rugs and removing excess items from a room, maximalism design encourages layers and celebrates the use of texture. Don't shy away from layering rugs on top of carpets or other surfaces, as maximalism is all about mixing textures with contrasting tones, so they are layered strategically.

Take this luxuriously soft Shaggy Rug Design. The sleek, fluffy design adds depth to the room, giving the space a homely feel. This maximalist room is brimming with character in front of a brick fireplace and wooden cabinet, surrounded by accessories. Feel free to pile pillows, throws or blankets on soft surfaces like the couch or armchair to add more layers of materials, colours, and patterns to your space.

Plenty of Prints and Patterns

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Combining a blend of patterns and prints may seem like an interior designer’s worst nightmare, but there is a method to the madness. Busy-looking wallpapers, artwork, and patterned rugs may seem chaotic, but you can still create a stylish, cohesive-looking space.  

If you decide to pair a patterned rug with a bold or printed wallpaper, look for commonalities between the two, so you don't end up with an aimless, random scene. Look at this Vintage Woven Rug in the living room and how seamlessly it integrates with the rest of the décor. Despite mismatched patterns and prints, the rug has been styled with a few common colours, tones, and shapes that match the rest of the elements within the room.  

Copious colours

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A hallmark of maximalism is being liberal with your colour palette and deviating from monochromatic schemes. If you prefer darker tones, such as navy blue or black, in your décor, then you should try to fill your room with bold or bright accents and patterns to balance things out.

Take this Fine Pakistan Bokhara Rug Design and how it accentuates the bold, dark colours of the room with golden accents and silky white tassels, matching the brass handles on the kitchen cabinets. 

Veer towards Vintage

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Another way to give your room a maximalist look is through vintage décor. Antique and vintage pieces look great in maximalist design as maximalism is all about bold colours, patterns, and shapes. The maximalist interior design also places a high value on art, and hand-woven, traditional rugs are pieces of art that combine all these elements to give your home a vintage, antique look.

This Very Fine Indo Persian Rug Design looks warm and inviting next to a roaring fire and is reminiscent of the Decadent Era, known for excess and luxury, much like maximalist design.


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