How to Choose a Traditional Rug

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Traditional rugs are like windows to the past; every piece is handcrafted with rich detail influenced by a wealth of history and culture. From opulent oriental prints to vivid tribal patterns, a traditional rug will give any space an instant burst of character. 

When selecting a traditional rug for a room in your home, it’s essential to know what kind of rug will complement your home and lifestyle best. For example, are you looking for a decorative rug that will inject culture and classic style into a modern space, or do you desire a durable rug that will stand the test of time, as well as feet and furniture? Perhaps you’re seeking a rug that you can sink your feet into while you relax? Whatever your preference, there’s a traditional rug to suit every home décor.


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The best part about traditional rugs is that they’ll never go out of fashion. Due to their high quality and fine intricate detail, they are highly sought after and add an air of elegance to any room. As a result, many of us prefer a traditional rug for decorative purposes. 

If you have a modern looking home with simple furnishings and bare flooring, a traditional rug can add subtle detail or a splash of colour to your space. Or, if you want an eye-catching statement piece, many traditional rugs are known for their elaborate designs, bold colours, and distinct borders, which will become the clear focal point of any room. For example, a red traditional rug will make your hardwood floors pop with colour and add depth to bare surfaces. 

Meanwhile, a traditional runner rug would look perfect in a hallway to tie two rooms together or to give a room its own identity from the rest of the home. With its endless patterns and colours, a traditional runner rug can also make a room appear much larger than it is.

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Rugs will inevitably expect a lot of activity in most homes, particularly ones with multiple family members and pets. That’s when you need a practical traditional rug that will serve as a centrepiece to the room while also providing durability all year round. A flat-woven rug would be ideal for going under furniture or in the centre of a room due to its tightly woven, resilient fibres, which can withstand frequent foot traffic. We recommend you select rugs with darker tones, such as a grey traditional rug. Due to their neutral tones, grey rugs complement most colours and designs. They are also easier to clean than lighter colours, making them perfect for any busy living space, dining room or bedroom.  

If you want to be adventurous, opt for a blue traditional rug with simple patterns to accentuate other bold elements within a room, such as a dark statement wall or furniture. Having matching tones within a space will create a cohesive, sophisticated look that is pleasing to the eye. 


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Traditional rugs often combine classic style with luxurious comfort. If you’re looking for a rug that you can relax your feet on after a long day or add some warmth to those cold floors in the winter, then a deeper pile traditional rug is the choice for you. Many traditional rugs are handwoven with delicate, soft fabrics, making great pieces for bare hardwood floors. For example, Flokati rugs are traditionally made in Greece and are handknotted with thick, authentic sheep’s wool to offer a silky finish.

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