How to Style a Neutral Shag Rug

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Many modern homes feature neutral rugs and walls as a backdrop, allowing you to add brighter pieces and create a room that showcases your personality and unique taste and style. For example, if your upholstery is in bright, vibrant colours or patterns, then a neutral shag rug could add some much-needed balance to your home. While colour and patterns can communicate an energetic vibe bursting with character, having a rug in pale tones such as grey, cream, white or beige, adds a classic, luxurious feel to a bright room.




Tone it down

There is such a thing as overdesigning a room. Too many bold colours and patterns can sometimes be visually overwhelming and make your space look chaotic. If you're looking to calm down a busy room, then a neutral shag rug could be the perfect opportunity to offset the vivid tones of your space. A neutral shag rug is visually relaxing and won't distract from a feature wall or other eye-catching elements of your décor. Neutral tones also effortlessly match with every colour and design out there, meaning that you can pair a classic white shag rug with some groovy geometric patterned wallpaper, a bold feature wall, or even some chic floral upholstery.  



The shaggy feel 

Shag rugs are often neutral in colour as their luxurious softness and shaggy texture are usually the focal point of the rug. A shag rug can instantly give the appearance of texture to a room, keeping it from looking flat and one-dimensional. A woollen shag rug would make the perfect addition to any room with wood or stone floors since it adds warmth, softness, and depth to bare surfaces without detracting from the modern aesthetic of your home. Neutral, delicate colours such as cream and white contrast well with hard, solid surfaces. 





 Where to put your neutral shag rug

A neutral shag rug looks best in a modern living room with bare floors since it can help warm those surfaces up and create an instant cosy atmosphere. It would also make a great addition to a child's bedroom as it provides excellent comfort and is soft on little hands and feet. As areas such as these endure heavy foot traffic, we recommend a grey shaggy rug to avoid visible mess!

If you have an office in your home, you can also place a shag rug under your desk and rest your feet for maximum comfort while you work.







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