How to Style Patterned Outdoor Rugs

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How to Style Patterned Outdoor Rugs

When it comes to styling your home, your outdoor space should be no exception. Outdoor rugs can be a great way to uplift your garden or patio area, especially when you have the right design strategies and a keen eye for fashioning them. Your garden, after all, should be an area you enjoy spending time in, so what better way to distinguish your garden than with a patterned outdoor rug for your seating area?  

To give you some inspiration, here are some ways you can style a patterned outdoor rug to help transform your garden without rearranging the entire layout!

Size up with stripes

Picture 29

If you have a small outdoor area, open your space with a cool-toned, striped patterned rug. The light, neutral tones create the illusion that the space is bigger than it is, whereas the striped lines lay perpendicular to the garden wall and the decking underneath, visually widening it.  The cool, soft whites and creams of the rug also contrast brilliantly against the textured elements of the outdoor space, such as the ridged hickory brown decking and grey wicker furniture. At the same time, the earthy green tones harmonise well with the thriving foliage in the background.

While whites and creams may seem like a big “no” for an outdoor area, synthetic materials like polypropylene are ideal rugs to be exposed to the elements, as they’re moisture-resistant, UV-stabilized, and easy to clean.

Keep things dark and discreet

Picture 30

If you’re known for throwing the best garden parties in the neighbourhood, your outdoor space probably sees its fair share of foot traffic and muddy footprints. This black, geometric patterned rug is excellent for high traffic areas like patios, decking, and seating areas. That’s because it looks effortlessly sleek and modern in your garden, and it also hides dirt and damp stains that outdoor rugs are commonly subjected to. Moreover, the white zigzag geometric design contrasts strikingly against the bold, black material, making the rug appear more visually exciting and inviting to guests. 

When it does need maintenance, this 100% polypropylene rug is easy to clean due to its low pile height, stain resistance, and durable material.

Stand out with bright and bold patterns

Picture 31

If you want to give your garden a statement piece, then a bright, bold patterned rug is just the thing to uplift an outdoor space. Orange takes centre stage in this scene, with accents of blue, white, and apricot to further highlight the vibrancy of the eye-catching palette. In addition, the faded, dusty geometric pattern gives the rug an antique, vintage look, bringing a sense of warmth and homeliness to your garden.


Like others from this list, your vibrant patterned rug is easy to clean and ideal for any outdoor setting.

Go natural with a floral rug

Picture 32

Speaking of vintage, nothing gives 60s flower power vibes quite like a vibrant, floral patterned rug. Every day will feel like spring with this sunny and sensational orange floral pattern.  A tropical paradise wrapped up in a rug, this oversized floral pattern bursts from the scene with energy. If your garden or conservatory colour scheme looks a bit dark and dim, then the pale, white tones of this rug will make any space feel airy and light. 

Handwoven with 100% wool, this rug is ideal for outdoor spaces with sunny climates, where there’s less chance of rain, or conservatories with a roof.

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