Nautical but nice interior design

It’s the holiday season – and whether we holiday at home or abroad there is something very special about being by the coast.  The blue sea, cloudless sky, golden sands and just the thrill of relaxing from the usual routine of life are all part of the holiday experience.

Perhaps that’s why we do all we can to try and recreate that holiday feeling back at home and why the nautical interior design theme remains a classic that never seems to go out of style. While many people may associate a nautical theme for the bathroom, in fact, you can enjoy the nautical but nice design style in pretty much any room in the house and what better time to think about adding some summer vibes?

The traditional nautical elements are ships, anchors and sea creatures – however, perhaps these are best left to the bathroom, unless you live by the coast of course, in which case they do work in all rooms.  However, for the FrithRugs nautical inspired home, we are looking for elegance that is inspired by the beach without being too obvious.

This can be achieved by lots of white on the floor, on the walls and at the windows.  Furniture should ideally be shades of pale wood with textiles in shades of blue – of course!  As the nautical theme is taking its inspiration from the ocean or from the coast itself, if blue is not your colour, shades of light green, gold or even terracotta will also work.

Try to include lots of natural textures in your room too – such as hessian, wicker, reclaimed wood and rope – but if you want your room to look good all year around, don’t go for the obvious props as you could be in danger of making your room too clichéd. So, by all means go for the classic blue and white stripe but use it very sparingly. Fill glass jars and vases with interesting objects you may find on a beach, pebbles, starfish, dried seaweed and of course sand. Display mis-matching china or vintage enamelware and if you can find recycled objects that look like they may have been washed up on a beach – that’s great.

This is a look for people who like a pared down home – after all, going on holiday often means escaping the trappings of modern life – think New England Shaker or Scandi.

In terms of flooring let’s assume you have a hard floor, possibly white floorboards – while this will make your room feel light and spacious, without warmth and colour it can also make it feel cold and so you will need a rug that adds warmth and of course, complements your seaside theme.

How about this exclusive Ella Claire Indian Rug design, it is quite modern and so isn't too obviously nautical and simply gives a nod to the idea. 

90% Wool / 10% Viscose Multi Ella Claire Indian Rug Design Handmade in India with a 18mm pile

Alternatively, another Ella Claire exclusive is this blue wave design - if this doesn't say seaside we don't know what does!

100% Wool Blue Ella Claire Vibrance Indian Rug Handmade in India with a 18mm pile

Or, if you prefer to let your other nautical accessories do the talking, this plain blue rug may be all you need.


Browse our incredible rug collection online, you can browse by colour and if you blue is not yours, we have plenty of other coastal and seaside colours you may prefer. 

Happy holidays!
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