Interior design to help bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor


Whatever the weather where you are right now, summer 2019 has already been hitting record breaking temperatures. When the temperature rises those people with any outside space are keen to make the most of it – and the FrithRugs design team is keen to help you link your outdoor and indoor living areas.


Even the smallest of outdoor space can be made to feel like an extension of your living space simply by using a complementary colour scheme in both areas. If you have a garden, a backyard, a courtyard, a patio, a shared garden - large or small, and you want a seamless blend between the two, then colour coordinate so that the eye will see one large space rather than two separate ones. 


If you have any blinds or curtains up at a patio door, remove them. They could spoil the illusion and create both a physical and psychological barrier between the two areas.  Having transparent glass with no distractions is what you are aiming for. Next get as many plants and plant pots as you can on both sides of the door – inside and out – this will also create the sense of one large space.


Consider what you have on the floor inside and think about how you can extend it to the outside. Obviously, it’s won’t be possible to build a new floor in the garden or yard but if you place matching rugs on both the inside and outside it will create the impression of one single floor space. Even if the rugs don’t match exactly, simply having the same colour would work.


FrithRugs has a generous range of rugs that can be used both inside and out and these are the perfect tools for this particular job. Featuring shades of terracotta, yellow, greys and blues these rugs are ideal for blending your indoor/outdoor living spaces as they are made from 100% polypropylene.  They are able to absorb water without getting mouldy and they also bear up well under the sun’s rays too. Although we would advise rolling them up and putting them in storage once summer is over – you can use them again next year.


Whichever rug you choose, try to pick out the colours found within it to use in plant pots, cushions, wind chimes, storm vases and so on – this will continue the co-ordination theme. The addition of a couple of carefully selected rugs in your summer outside space will ensure your relaxation and recreation area looks perfectly dressed for a solitary morning coffee or an evening with friends.


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