Picking the Perfect Fireside Rug

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 A fireplace is an enviable feature for any home to have, and no fireplace would be complete without a stylish fireside rug (also known as a hearth rug). Fireside rugs are perfect for keeping stray coal dust off carpets, and can add an extra layer of warmth to rooms with hardwood floors. Aside from being practical, they also look great.

When it comes to choosing your own fireside rug, there are some features you’ll want to take into consideration other than picking one that fits in with your interior style choices.


1. Best materials for a fireside rug     2.Picking a suitable size      3.Fireside rug picks for 2023

First, a safety note

You should always check the manufacturer notes for your specific rug before placing it near a fireplace to ensure it is safe to do so.

Best materials for a fireside rug

When choosing a fireside rug, material should be one of the deciding factors. You’ll want to choose a material that is fire resistant for safety as well as being hardy enough to stand the test of time, especially if the area surrounding your fireplace sees a lot of foot-traffic.

These are three materials that make ideal hearth rugs.

      1.      Fibreglass

Rugs made of fibreglass are one of the safest options to be placed near a live fire. Any embers that land on a fibreglass rug will self-extinguish without affecting the material. The downside to fibreglass rugs is that they are harder and not as comfortable to walk on, but they can be cleaned easily which is a bonus.

      2.     Wool

Wool is the best option for the eco-conscious, and its natural properties make it one of the safest options for placement next to a fireplace. Wool    is naturally fire-retardant because it isn't easily ignited, and if hot ashes or embers fall on the rug, the wool fibres will self-extinguish, leaving an ashy, dry residue behind. This does leave marks, but usually these can be brushed away. Wool rugs have the added benefit of being cosy underfoot and long-lasting.

      3.     Nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials

Synthetic materials can catch fire, but have a very high ignition temperature so they are a relatively safe option. Unlike wool, synthetic fibres will melt if touched by flame or hot ashes, rather than self-extinguishing. They are a cheaper option, but will need to be replaced more frequently as marks left by hot embers cannot be removed.

Picking a suitable size

The size you choose depends on your personal preference. Consider whether you want a practical fireside rug to protect the flooring that sits immediately by your fireplace, or a large rug that makes a visual statement and keeps the room cosy.

For practical applications, a small half-moon shaped rug will do the job. But if you want something bigger, measure the seating area in the room you are placing the rug in, and choose something that will cover most of the floor in this space.

Fireside rug picks for 2023

We’ve asked the experienced Frith Rugs team to pick out their favourite rug looks of 2023 to inspire you.

1. A multi-coloured modern rug

This hearth rug makes a statement without being too intrusive. It has a variety of colours woven throughout it, from reds to blues, making it an excellent choice for rooms with these tones highlighted in other features.

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2. Flame-flecked, contemporary grey rug

Available in a variety of sizes to suit different spaces, the gorgeous gold colour against a grey background makes this rug almost look flame-licked. It makes an ideal accompaniment to a modern, otherwise monochromatic room.

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3. A traditional Afghan rug

Sometimes the classics are best. Afghan rugs are a timeless, traditional option that fit seamlessly into rooms with dark wood features and rich coloured fabrics.

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4. A hand-knotted Bokhara design

Tradition clashes with modernity with the Bokhara style. The black colour scheme in the rug below creates a contemporary effect that marries up with black or grey interior features.

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5. A perfect persian piece

If you enjoy the finer things in life, a persian rug could be right for you. Finely woven with 100% wool, the quality of a persian rug can’t be beaten. They look impressive in larger spaces, and are ideal for high ceilinged rooms.

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Have you chosen a fireside rug?

Now you’re armed with everything you need to pick a rug that will not only look great, but will protect your flooring from embers safely.

To summarise, these are the factors you should consider when making a choice:

  • Material - wool, fibreglass, or synthetic fibres are the materials you want to look for.
  • Sizing - measure carefully to pick a rug that fits your space, go small for something to protect the floor by your fireplace, or large for a cosy statement piece.

If you live nearby one of our Frith Rugs stores, feel free to pop in and speak to our staff who will be more than happy to help you pick a rug for your fireplace.

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