Shag rug 101: How to keep a fluffy rug fluffy

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If your shag rug looks more flat than fuzzy, then we’ve got some tips on keeping a fluffy rug fluffy and how to unflatten your shag pile for good! Whether it's woolly, polyester or synthetic, here are some DIY hacks to have your rug looking new and fluffy again!


How to clean a fluffy rug that’s matted


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Rug matting is common in homes with heavy foot traffic, pets, and small children. Classic signs of matting include stains, odour, worn-out pile fibres, and indentation from the furniture. It can be especially noticeable when you have a white fluffy rug from our Lippa Rug range. However, this needn’t be a death sentence to your poor shag pile.


To get your rug looking luxuriously thick and fluffy again, we recommend cleaning your rug with these easy steps. 


Hoover your rug


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With a deep pile like this pink fluffy rug, dirt can get trapped easily and cause discolouration and bad smells to accumulate, making your shag pile look flat and matted.

To revamp your trampled rug, start by sprinkling some dry carpet shampoo on the entirety of the rug. Let it sit on the surface while the shampoo works its magic on the fibres, then simply hoover up the dirt and leftover residue.Next, use a carpet rake to remove any excess pet hair and debris from the rug for any bits missed.

Apply heat


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After you’ve hoovered up the bits, it’s time to steam clean your shaggy rug. If your rug is especially dirty, then an all-over steam clean will rejuvenate your fluffy rug and breathe new life into the fibres. Once clean, take your rug outside and leave it dry in a sunny spot in your garden. 

With a black fluffy rug, you can’t see dirt in fibre easily due to the dark dye colouring, so it’s essential to keep on top of your rug maintenance to ensure it looks fresh and fluffy for longer. 

Fluff it


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Before your rug is completely dry, gently use a small brush, rake or your fingers to detangle the fibres and fluff the pile upwards to its original form. Then, place it back in your home in the location of your choice! For example, we recommend a grey fluffy rug for the living room as it goes with any colour scheme and makes for a soft and inviting focal point in front of the furniture. 


Of course, prevention is always the best method for keeping a fluffy rug fluffy. Using a door mat and taking off your shoes before entering your home will help prevent dirt and bacteria from being transferred to your rug. Keeping your rug in a low-traffic area and vacuuming often will also help prevent bacteria growth.


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