The Best Boho Rugs for Eclectic Homes

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The Best Boho Rugs for Eclectic Homes

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Boho home décor is a trendy and popular interior design style due to its laid-back attitude, eccentric character, artistic expression, and casual charm. Boho rugs primarily can enrich your living space. They can add more layers to an eclectic, bohemian décor with its use of various colours, textures, materials, and intricate patterns from all around the world.

To inspire you, here are some of our best boho rugs to feature in an eclectic home and some tips on how to style them.

Tribal Print Rugs

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Boho décor style is a free-spirited aesthetic that likes to mix different cultures. Traditional tribal print rugs are known for their unique patterns and historical motifs, which symbolise the ethnic and cultural traditions of tribes worldwide. 

This Persian Gabbeh Rug is one of many rugs hand-knotted using horizontal looms by the nomadic people of southern Iran. With a thicker, longer wool pile, these rugs make the perfect addition to bare floorings needing some warmth or depth. There’s no need for bright, vivid colours as the bold patterns and imagery speak for themselves, making them perfect for a laid-back, neutral colour scheme with soft furnishings and raw materials.

Raw material area rugs

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When decorating your eclectic home, mixing raw materials with varying textures is an excellent to add organic elements and nature to your décor. Using animal-based materials such as sheep’s wool, fleece, and leather adds a touch of luxury and rustic charm to your home.  

Like the Australian Double Natural Dusk Sheepskin, animal hide rugs are characterised by unique and personalised quality. Their natural colours, luxuriously soft material, and distinctive markings make them look like works of art. This sheepskin, in particular, is a great area rug for boho style décor as it creates an eye-catching focal point, and the raw nature of the carpet also lends an earthy element to any room. 

Add to a room that needs a touch of warmth or texture, or drape over a wooden or metal frame chair to soften the hard angles and edges.

Traditional Runner Rugs  

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Bohemians love geometric patterns and shapes, especially when they’re mixed and matched and formed to create a unique rug design. Vintage or traditional rugs such as the Afghan Kaynak Rug are ideal for Bohemian decor designs as they’re handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces of art which are highly sought after for their luxurious materials and how they epitomise craft and artistry.

Using striking and bolder designs and jewel-toned using colours such as red and dark, this traditional runner rug will help brighten up dark rooms. You can also use this exquisite runner as a hallway piece to help guide your guests into the rest of your eclectic home!

Use contrasting tones, such as light wood flooring or furniture, to help add focus to your rug’s vivid colours and patterns.

Monochrome Boho Style

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 Monochrome boho décor speaks to a calmer home with minimalist ideals but the same free-spirited attitude that makes a home eclectic. This Eden Woven Rug is stylish and artistic without trying, with clean geometric design and chic monochrome tones. It's perfect for balancing out a  bold and bright colour scheme or adding warmth to bare floors.

Introduce this rug to raw dark wood, rattan or wicker furniture, and tan leather, and add colour with a collection of house plants or trinkets from your travels. 









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