Time to think outside the box

When you think of a new rug, it’s likely that the standard rectangular rug shape springs to mind. Sometimes however, it pays to think outside of that rectangular box and consider using a circular rug in your room.


FrithRugs rug experts have provided their advice on when a circular rug would work best in your interior design scheme.



Bay windows

If you are lucky enough to have a bay window in your home it makes a bold statement. You can make the best of this lovely design feature with a FrithRugs circular rug.


The curve of the rug will complement the curve of the window, especially if you place the rug just in front of the window. Try to keep other furniture in the area to a minimum so that the window design stands out. However, if you do need another piece, a round coffee table, or a round pouffe or footstool will add to the architectural feature.


Small room

A circular rug from FrithRugs is also a great interior design accessory if you have a small room and you want to make it feel bigger. The rug will add interest and should draw eyes to the floor. Place furniture around the rug and the curves of the rug will create the illusion of more space between your items. Try to find furniture with curves - a swivel armchair, a circular lamp shade and circular cushions will help to make your space feel bigger. 


If you have a particular item of furniture that you really love, a smaller circular rug is the ideal platform to show it off. An antique chair or occasional table for instance, will really shine if you stand it at the centre of a circular rug.


Psychologist believe that round shapes make a home feel approachable and friendly thanks to their playful connotations and FrithRugs have numerous circular rug designs to choose from. Browse online or visit a rug specialist outlet.


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