What is boho in interior design? Our boho style tips

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Encapsulating eye catching yet natural elements that go against the norm, boho design is a popular interior choice that is surging in popularity amongst those who live a free-spirited life.


What is boho style?

Historically, the bohemian style was inspired by nomads and creatives who lived a ‘bohemian’ lifestyle and rejected the social structures around them. Writers, travellers, artists, and musicians who thrived amongst chaos, but led simple, enriched lives.

In boho interior design, this is captured with natural materials, rich colours, layered textures, and impressive feature elements like hand thrown pottery, bold rugs, and unique wall art.

Here is a breakdown of the elements you might find in a boho space:


Boho style


Base colours: brown, yellow, grey, green

Accent colours: orange, red, purple, blue


Stripes, shibori, Kilim, Moroccan, Turkish, Persian


Rattan, wood, jute, hessian, cotton, knitted yarn


Macrame, mixed textiles, raw wood, waffle




Our top interior Boho style tips

Now you know the Boho basics and understand the types of colours, textures, and materials that make up Bohemian design, we’re going to give you some of our best tips for achieving the Boho look in our own home. This advice is scalable and can be applied anywhere, whether you want to decorate your entire house or one room.


1. Use rugs to add texture

Rugs add depth, texture, and a touch of luxury to any space – and they lend themselves wonderfully to the principals of Boho design. Pick a rug made with natural fibres that complements the colour scheme of your room. You can even layer up rugs for a super rustic vibe.

If you’re a fan of neutrals, keep it basic with a simple Skandi-like pattern. The Ostni Skandi rug below is the ideal companion to a Boho look. It has soft, beige colours punctuated with simple patterns.

Picture 158

Ostni Skandi Design

The beauty of Boho is that you can go bold if you want to. Make your rug a room feature by choosing a design that has a little ‘oomph’ to it. The Persian Kelim below uses bold oranges and yellows alongside browns in a kaleidoscopic, mosaic-like pattern.

 Picture 153

Persian Fars Kelim

Visit your closest Frith Rugs store to pick up the perfect Boho rugs.

2. Choose handmade or pre-loved trinkets

Picture 154 


Boho goes against the ‘norm’, so avoiding mass-produced décor suits this style down to the ground. Looking for unique handmade, quirky items will add points of interest to your space, creating conversation starters and supporting smaller businesses and crafters. If you’re on a budget, checking your local charity shops for second-hand pieces is the best way to get your hands on some bargains that suit your design stylings.

We love the look of the following in a Boho room…

  • Hand-thrown pottery – vases, trinket dishes, and other pottery pieces look great and add function to your space. Pick pottery that boasts its natural clay colours, or select light, neutral glazes
  • Wall hangings – a wall hanging adds texture and depth than can otherwise be difficult to achieve. Handmade macrame pieces or vintage tapestries are great choices


3. Pick out bold patterns

Picture 155 


Care-free, layered patterns and textures are at the heart of Boho. Pick patterns that play off each other like Turkish and Persian designs, and display them proudly, layering up where possible.

If you’re aiming for a light and airy Boho look, keep walls neutral and use soft blankets, rugs, wallpaper and art to introduce patterns around your space.


4. Consider light sources

Picture 156 


The right light can make or break your interior design choices. Too much light can cause a headache, whilst too little can make a space dark, gloomy, and oppressive. Natural light is one of the cornerstones of Boho design, so however you choose to decorate your space, you should ensure windows aren’t blocked. Add lamps with warm lightbulbs to cast a soft, welcoming light over your room when night falls.


5. Add a natural element with plants

 Picture 157


Plants encapsulate the natural element of Boho design easily. A bold splash of green looks great anywhere, so choose some large and small plants to sit in your Boho room. Keep them close to light sources, and display them on platforms and in corners that need something to draw the eye. You can add an extra designer touch by picking patterned, bold plant pots.


Fall in love with your Boho home

Boho isn’t simply a design style, but it’s a way of living. Surrounding yourself with nature, light, interesting textures and patterns, and unique pieces is the best way to unlock your creative, carefree side. Take your time building up the Boho style in your home, and enjoy the relaxed, freeing vibes it will bring.







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