Whatever the weather, you can have a white Christmas

Do you love the idea of a white Christmas? Well you don’t have to rely on the weather, because you can create your own white Christmas - indoors. 


We especially love white at this time of year. It really complements this season’s Christmas decorations, it’s the perfect backdrop for festive red and it’s also the ideal foil for Christmas greens. In fact, white is the king of colours all year around because it really does complement any other colour.


When it comes to choosing a white rug consider your household. We wouldn’t recommend a white rug in a high traffic area such as the hall for example. Equally, our customers are not likely to choose a white rug for a playroom, nor would a white rug suit a home with pets. Ideally, your white rug should be in a room that is not too busy and where there is least possibility of spillage. A bedroom or a grown up sitting room are the most likely candidates. 

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White is a neutral colour and so you can use it to balance or highlight contrast. A white rug can also make any room appear larger and create a feeling of spaciousness, it can equally make a room appear less cluttered because it represents simplicity. It also works really well in both a modern and traditional scheme – there is no end to its versatility. 


FrithRugs offers numerous white or shades of white rugs – featuring little pattern (Indian Mahal) or Eden) no pattern  (Flokati) or intricate designs (Laura Jade).

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It is important to remember that there is white and then ……there is white!  In other words, just like all the other colours, white comes in a range of shades and tones. There is brilliant white, cream, porcelain, frost, powder white, apple white and the list goes on. Make sure you check that your shade of white, does in fact work with other colour shades found at home.


If you want a white Christmas, browse our online collection to find the perfect rug for the room. Once you have chosen the rug for you, we suggest buying an all-white tree or select a green tree that has ‘snow-capped’ branches.  Use white baubles, silver tinsel and silver lights and don’t forget silver lights on the hearth!  You can also buy white garlands and hang white stockings on the hearth (safely). If you have old decorations that are past their sell-by date, you could spray paint them white and get another couple of years use out of them. Finally, buy a few white faux fur cushions to complement your new FrithRugs purchase and voila you have your own winter wonderland!


You won’t have to leave the house to enjoy the perfect white Christmas indoors.

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