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If you like to keep on top of the latest in interior design trends then let FrithRugs interior experts share their insider knowledge with you. We’ve got ideas to suit every style and so which gets your vote?


Contemporary homes are feeling blue

When it’s comes to festive décor the number one festive colour is red – right? Wrong, as this year there’s a new kid on the Christmas block and perhaps surprisingly it’s not a colour one would usually associate with the time of year – it’s blue. The on trend shades are aquamarine or, at the other end of the spectrum, a deep and dramatic midnight blue. Fortunately for our customers this exclusive modern rug feature both colours. Now imagine this in your living room with a statement tree dripping in blue baubles and tinsel. This colour scheme is guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication and will be found in all the best dressed homes this year. 

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Simply nature

In 2019 we’ve seen and read a lot about the natural world, sadly much of it negative. If you want to celebrate nature and indeed all the wonders of the environment, a stripped down green Christmas is for you. With this theme, you should use as much of the greenery you can from what you can find growing all around you. A real Christmas tree with pared down decorations such as pine cones and dried leave and flowers takes centre stage. On the hearth place a green faux garland, or if you are creative, make your own using garden foliage (fir, holly or yew) and you can also use the garlands on window sills or around door frames. Hang a wreath on the wall on or on the door, and again only uses natural green foliage. Finally, fill vases or bowls with dried fruits and flowers. This theme works best in a room with neutral décor as the green will really pack a punch. Use other natural products as accessories such as our 100% wool sheepskins which can be on the floor but also placed as luxurious throws on the sofa.


Traditional is best

And, of course, there is one design style that will always be enduring and that is the traditional Christmas interior décor featuring the most conventional of colour schemes. This is where lovers of red can really throw caution to the wind and part of the festive transformation should be the addition of a new rug. FrithRugs offers numerous traditional rug styles featuring Father Christmas’s favourite colour and we recommend browsing our Indian rug collections for inspiration.

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Whichever interior design scheme gets your vote, have fun.

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