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Summer is approaching, and it’s time to get your garden ready for relaxing in. Whether you’ve had an outdoor rug for some years, or you’re thinking about investing in one, it’s important that you know how to clean your outdoor rug to extend its lifespan and keep your space looking fresh.

At Frith Rugs, we’ve had decades of experience selling rugs, so we know a thing or two about rug maintenance. Read on for our best fuss-free advice for cleaning an outdoor rug.

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How to clean outdoor rugs

Wait for a dry, sunny day before cleaning your outdoor rug. This will give your rug plenty of time to dry out naturally, which is especially vital if you’re planning to store it away afterwards.


1. Vacuum up any excess grit and dirt

Save your arms by giving your rug a vacuum first to get rid of bits of grit and soil from its surface. Remove any big pieces of debris like leaves, and use your vacuums brush attachment to get into any nooks and crannies.

Tip: Use something heavy like a plant pot to pin the corners of your rug to the floor before hoovering


2. Shake off your rug

If the dirt on your rug is seriously stuck, give it a good old shake. Make sure that your rug is bone dry before doing this; if you get the rug wet before, dirt may cling to the material and be trickier to get off.

Save time and energy by pegging your rug to a washing line or similar, and gently beat it to dislodge the dirt.

Tip: Sweep up immediately after you’ve shaken your rug to stop anyone treading dirt into your house.


3. Wash and rinse off

If your rug is made of polypropylene or another similar synthetic material, you can comfortably use water to clean it without causing any damage.

Clear an area outdoors and get to work…

1. Mix a small amount of detergent (washing up liquid does the job) or specialist cleaning product into a bucket of warm water.

2. Take a soft cloth, sponge, or soft bristled brush and gently wipe the soapy water across your rug, making sure to clean both sides

3. Use clean water to rinse the rug thoroughly, ensuring all residue is removed

Tip: always check the care label for your specific rug before using any detergents, and test the product in an inconspicuous spot before you use it on the whole rug. Some detergents may make the dye in your rug run, so this step is vital.


4. Let it dry

Once you’ve finished cleaning, it’s time to let your rug dry out completely before storing or putting it in situ in your garden.

Drain off any excess water by rolling your rug up loosely and standing it upright, letting it lean against a wall to allow the water to drain away.

After this, hang your rug out or drape it across any clean garden furniture to dry naturally.

Tip: after drying, you can treat your outdoor rug with waterproofing or mildew repelling sprays to keep it fresh and clean for longer.


How often should you clean your rug?

If you are planning to keep your rug outside during warmer weather, we’d recommend cleaning it every couple of months, sweeping debris off it as and when needed.


Storing your rug

We would recommend storing your rug inside during colder, wetter weather, especially over the winter months. Leaving an outdoor rug outside permanently can lead to mildew and mould developing, which can cause damage to the rug fibres.

To store, loosely roll up your rug and store it horizontally or upright in a clean, dry place like your garage, or a well vented shed.




1. Are outdoor rugs easy to clean?

Yes, outdoor rugs are simple to clean if they are well looked after. If you store your rug correctly and keep on top of removing dirt and spills, cleaning your rug should be relatively easy.

However, if you let grime build up and haven’t taken the best care of your outdoor rug, it may take a while longer to get it looking like new again.

2. Can outdoor rugs get wet?

They can get wet but shouldn’t sit in water for an extended period. We would advise bringing your rug inside alongside other outdoor soft furnishings when it starts to rain.

3. Can you leave outdoor rugs outside?

You can leave outdoor rugs outside, but you should bring them in during rainy, cold weather, especially over the winter months.

4. Are outside rugs a good idea?

Outdoor rugs are an excellent idea for bringing an element of style and texture to our outdoor space.


Enjoy your outdoor rug for longer!

Keeping on top of cleaning your outdoor rug means that you can enjoy it for longer and stops it from becoming worn and damaged.

If it’s time for a new outdoor rug, visit your nearest Frith Rugs store to see what we have in stock (or keep it simple and buy online).


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