Looking for an extra large rug to fill a bigger room? We have a collection of rugs available in impressive sizes, starting from 4.27m x 3m to 6m x 4m. There’s a selection of large rugs to choose from for all settings, whether you’re looking for a bigger rectangular Bokhara rug for a sizable lounge, or a round Cotton rug to tie together the interior style of a dining room. Here at Frith Rugs, we're firm believers in thinking big and our rug size is no exception. If you can’t find what you’re looking for below, please get in touch with our team to discuss bespoke options.

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30951038696 0af278987b o199
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47093659342 8d0229905f o105
7830643522 4d1b401115 o183 copy
AVE033081 470 x 365 r
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40180721563 1f3970ca9c o151
30951038696 0af278987b o201 copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o227 copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o228 copy2
7830643522 4d1b401115 o203 copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o1 000copy
7830643522 4d1b401115 o204 copy
7831126978 32ba252cea o44copy
7831126978 32ba252cea o774 copy
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47093659342 8d0229905f o66
7831152430 9518f5cec7 o 300copy
7831126978 32ba252cea o334 copy2
7830643522 4d1b401115 o229 copy
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