Rug Underlay

Keep your rugs firmly in place with our premium rug underlay. We stock two types of underlay to stop rugs moving around. Choose between Foxi Anti-creep, perfect for rugs that are placed on a carpeted surface, or Supergrip Anti-slip for hardwood floors. Available in different shapes and sizes so you can get the right underlay coverage for your specific rug.

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foxi underlay
 Supergrip2 for use on Hard Floors

Choose Frith Rugs for Premium Underlay

Our rug underlays will ensure that your beautiful rug- whatever it may be, will stay firmly at the center of attention. For safety and comfort in your home, shop your rug underlays now and get in touch with any questions you may have.

Can you wash rug underlay?

Rug underlay can be wiped clean, but we would not recommend washing the underlay.

Do I need rug underlay?

Rug underlay prevents rugs slipping and moving around. It is an important addition to any rug from a safety perspective, and also stops the frustration of constantly having to move your rug back into place.

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