How to choose a rug for a monochrome living room

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Monochrome living rooms are effortlessly stylish, sleek, and contemporary, but how to choose a rug that’s right for your space can be challenging. When you create a monochromatic space, it’s generally with one colour in mind, even if it has varying shades, hues, and tints throughout the décor elements in a room. Monochromatic colour schemes can make a space appear bland and impersonal without the correct balance of personal touches and contrasting accents.

Your rug can add much-needed dimension and personality to your living room décor by incorporating patterns, textures, or various colours and shades.  Here are a few style tips on creating the perfect monochromatic-inspired space with our range of rugs.

Patterned rugs

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A monochrome living room has a simple design and modern-looking appearance, which is both minimalist and soothing to the eye. However, a monochromatic colour scheme can come off as drab or lacking personality if devoid of other tones, textures or patterns. 

Add some interest to your monochrome décor with a patterned geometric rug and create an exciting statement piece in the living room. This Moroccan Style Tribal Rug is the perfect balance between a soft, neutral colour palette and exciting patterns, serving an instant boost of personality without disrupting the monochromatic theme.

Textured rugs

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An area or room consisting of a simple, monochrome colour palette can come across as simple or plain, so enhance it with a sumptuous texture. The Lippa Shaggy rug complements the dark taupe colour scheme while creating depth and dimension over smooth, wood flooring. Additionally, shag rugs add some much-needed cosy accents to monochrome spaces, creating a welcoming and attractive focal point.

The fuzzy texture of a shag rug also adds a delightful sensory contrast to a room consisting almost entirely of flat and smooth surfaces.  

Pop of colour

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When you introduce an accent colour into a monochrome room, it always makes a striking impact. Choose a bold, vibrant colour like yellow or orange, like this Ella Claire Indian Rug Design, to add contrast and definition against a grey, monochromatic scheme, so the colours really pop and stand out. In addition, complimentary accents such as cushions, flowers or wall art can help complete the look and give your monochrome space a cohesive look.

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