How to Pick Luxury Rugs for Living Room Interiors

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How to Pick Luxury Rugs for Living Room Interiors

When it comes to a rug that can enhance the look of your living room, nothing beats the soft and effortless style of a luxury rug. A luxury rug is often distinguished by its velvety soft fibres, sumptuous textures, and excellent attention to detail, in addition to being handwoven from the finest, high-end materials. The right rug can change the look and feel of a room entirely, transforming an ordinary space from bland to grand.

With so many kinds of luxury rugs for living room interiors out there on the market, how could we possibly choose the right one for us?

The Elegant Aesthetic of a Traditional Rug

When shopping around for a luxury rug, it's often the bold and brilliant ones that catch our eyes first. Whether it's the glossy, velvety lustre of a Bokhara rug gleaming in the sunlight or the vibrant colours of a handwoven Keshan rug catching our eyes, our gaze is drawn to the alluring beauty of a luxury rug. 

If you're looking for a rug that will add a touch of elegance to the aesthetic of your living room interiors, then a luxury traditional rug can enhance the look of any space. With its vivid colours and exotic patterns, a traditional rug can help elevate plain or understated space into an oasis of sophistication. In addition, each rug is handwoven using 100% authentic wool and dyed with natural plant extracts from all over Asia, giving your living space a dash of originality that will become the focal point of a room.

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 The Luxurious Comfort of a Shaggy Wool Rug

If you’re after comfort and warmth, then there’s nothing quite like sinking your toes into the thick, plush fibres of a luxury rug. These sleek shaggy rugs are woven with the smoothest, softest fabrics and look effortlessly stylish within a modern living space.

 To create a warm and homely ambience, we recommend a thick pile shaggy rug that offers decadent texture in touch and appearance. Handwoven from authentic sheep wool, these shag rugs supply excellent, high-quality material and contribute to their luxurious appearance.

Besides adding warmth and softness to cold bare wood floors, a deep shaggy pile rug makes a great aesthetic addition to any area of your house with low traffic. 

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The Gorgeous Practicality of Polypropylene

Many of us who own pets or have kids may think that we can’t have a touch of luxury in our homes due to the often-messy nature of our home’s inhabitants. Well, you’re wrong! 

The ingenious invention of polypropylene, a synthetic fibre that is smooth, cost-effective, and easy to clean, allows us all to have a touch of luxury in our homes. With a polypropylene rug, you can have the deep thickness and grandiosity of a luxurious rug, with the added durability and sustainability needed in a high-traffic area. 

Take a luxury grey rug with an irresistibly deep, thick shag pile, and place it in the centre of your living room interior. Besides warming your feet, the grey tones of your rug will also hide any fine dirt or mess your shoes might leave behind.

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