Our Pick of Modern Living Room Rugs

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 Our Pick of Modern Living Room Rugs

There's a lot to consider when shopping for modern floor rugs online. Do you long for a modest, minimalist piece that exudes effortless style and class, or do you opt for a statement rug popping with personality and colour?

A modern rug should be the ideal blend of style and functionality, so when picking out your perfect rug, remember to keep colour, pattern, and shape in mind. We've compiled a list of our favourite modern living room rugs to help you decide what will work best in your home and how you can style them.


Flock to the Block

Picture 16

Colour blocking has been around since the 1930s when Dutch artist Piet Mondrian popularised pairing various colours together to make a bold statement in his paintings. The trend has since pushed the boundaries on traditional style rules in art, fashion, and beauty, resulting in block-coloured modern living room rugs like the one featured above. The contrasting colours are not only visually exciting and eye-catching, but the effect also adds depth to the floor and creates the illusion of space within a room.

With a block-coloured rug, you can instantly refresh a neutral colour décor and add personality to any room.

The Vibrant Giant

 Picture 18

Selecting a rich, solid colour modern rug is an excellent way to brighten up a space and add a splash of colour to your décor. Take this striking, modern green rug which contrasts nicely against the bare wood flooring, giving it some much-needed vibrancy, warmth, and texture. A green rug can also make a room feel more in touch with nature, making it a great match with earthy, neutral tones like brown or grey. 

Additionally, a solid colour rug can also draw attention to a specific area of the room, making it a complementary choice to go underneath minimalist furniture. 

Iconic Achromic

Picture 19

A minimalist’s dream colour scheme, consisting of muted pastels, simple shades of beige, and light-toned achromic hues. This neutral-toned modern rug is perfect for any home looking to tone down a busy room or offset some of the more exciting elements of your décor. 

In addition, the muted grey and cream of a neutral tone rug will not draw attention away from any dominant colours or statement pieces of your living space.


Give Swirl a whirl

Picture 20

Bringing a twist (and shout) of 60s psychedelic art to a modern living room, this multi-coloured swirl rug is like looking into the lens of a kaleidoscope. Each swirl of the design collides together to produce an explosion of colour, resulting in a trippy hippie pattern that becomes the focal point of any space.

The swirl effect infuses natural movement onto the rug, making the pattern burst from the floor and into the room to add an exciting sense of turbulence in an otherwise ordinary living room. Perfect for rooms with understated décor in need of some of the energy. 

Swipe for Stripes

 Picture 21

The fashion industry has used stripes to accentuate body shapes and sizes for decades. Modern striped rugs that follow a similar trend are also known to create an illusion of increased space. As an example, yellow and grey striped rugs like the one above can visually lengthen your living room as your eyes follow the pattern to the end, which makes it appear long and spacious - a great trick for small rooms and hallways. 


Additionally, the complementary colours of yellow and grey work well together for a cohesive pattern because the muted grey tones down the vibrancy of yellows, while yellows can lift cool-toned greys.


Dotty for Spotty

 Picture 22

Rugs like the multi-coloured spotted rug above encompass a classic style that is favoured by homes with young children because of the pattern's cheerful nature. The Polka dot pattern can revitalize a minimalist's décor design, providing some light-hearted relief and nostalgic touch to a contemporary space.


Polka dots, with their bright colours and lively patterns, stand out vividly against a white background and become the focal point in a modern living room or bedroom. 




The Runner Stunner

 Picture 23

Runner rugs are great for lengthening hallways, tying two rooms together, and giving each room a distinct identity. A modern runner rug can also create the illusion that a room is much larger, especially when featuring a seemingly endless geometric pattern like the one featured above.


 Runner rugs that run the length of a room can also shield the flooring from heavy foot traffic areas, so be wise to pick darker-toned coloured rugs to conceal any dirt or obvious wear and tear.


The All-rounder

 Picture 25

circular rug, such as the one pictured above, adds depth and interest to a room, drawing the eye to a specific area and creating an attractive atmosphere. Unlike the conventional rectangular or square floor rug, these rugs creatively offset the sharp lines and angular nature of walls, floors, doorways, and furniture. Circular rugs can visually open up a small room and make it feel bigger because their round nature softens the hard edges of furniture and creates defined areas of space.

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